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What are the operating procedures of international logistics?

Time:2020/4/29Posted:Dongguan Guanghang International Logistics Co., Ltd.
For some novices in the cross-border industry, some are still unclear about the operation process of international express delivery. Let me introduce to you what is the process of international logistics and how to operate it?
1. To use regular carton / wooden box for packing international logistics goods, the surface of the box should be free of other misleading signs, patterns and text. If there is any, please use stickers to paste it, and do not expose it; The patterned side will be used for inner packaging; the international express wooden box will be fumigated.
2. The external logistics packaging box is wrapped neatly with tape, as far as possible to ensure that the tape is completely covered.
3. It is best to use the corresponding boxes and bags of international logistics companies.
4. If you want to send several pieces of international express to the same country or region at the same time, it is best to use different specifications or different colors of packaging.
 Each box of goods should be controlled within 21kg as much as possible.
 Please do not frequently use the same address to send international logistics, so that the customs has every reason to detain.
 Delivery cycle
 It is recommended to send the next batch of goods after customs clearance of the previous batch of goods is completed.
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