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Basic characteristics of international logistics

Time:2020/4/29Posted:Dongguan Guanghang International Logistics Co., Ltd.
International logistics, also known as global logistics, refers to an international physical movement of materials to overcome the spatial and temporal distance between production and consumption when production and consumption are carried out independently in two or more countries. Commodity transactions or exchange activities, so as to complete the ultimate goal of international commodity transactions, that is to achieve the seller to deliver documents, goods and collect payment, while the buyer accepts documents, payment and collection of goods convection terms of trade.
 Compared with domestic logistics, international logistics is different in four aspects: logistics environment, logistics system, information system and standardization requirements. A very important feature of international logistics is the difference in logistics environment. The logistics environment here mainly refers to the soft environment of logistics.
 Different countries have different laws that adapt to logistics, which increases the complexity of international logistics; the technological development level of different economies in different countries makes international logistics under the support of different scientific and technological conditions, even because some regions cannot The application of certain technologies has led to a decline in the level of operation of the entire system of international logistics; the different standards of different countries make it difficult for the international logistics system to establish a unified standard; the national conditions of different countries will inevitably limit international logistics.
 Due to the difference in logistics environment, forcing an international logistics system to operate in a number of different legal, humanistic, custom, language, and technological environments will undoubtedly greatly increase the difficulty of international logistics operations and the complexity of the system.
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